Why Social Responsibility is Changing Corporations

Consumers, employees, and leaders are demanding socially responsible behavior of themselves and others. Walmart, Starbucks, Walt Disney, and many changing corporations are incorporating this policy into their competitive strategies.If companies choose not to comply with our wishes, we go elsewhere—because we can. Have you noticed the recent impact of social responsibility in our business culture?We see social responsibility manifested in the philanthropic activities organizations are doing; and they are not just writing checks to non-profits. Companies are building schools, putting shoes on children, and teaching third-world countries how to harvest water.We have business models emerging with the primary purpose of serving others. And guess what? These businesses are making money! They have learned how to connect the heart with the bank account. If you feel love within you, you will look out on a world with mercy and of love. That is exactly what some organizations are doing.As we explore the concept of social responsibility and corporate culture changes, I would love to discuss this further with you. How is your organization practicing social responsibility?With love,Maria