Today or Tomorrow - Which One?

“Today is great. Tomorrow is even greater.”

I just read this statement and immediately began to ponder it with questions, thoughts, emotions, and opinions. Yes, today and the precious moments of this time, this moment with fingers tapping on the keyboard, is the most precious gift of all – presence.

We’ve heard lessons and advise to not live in the past. I know many who do live in the past (myself included), reliving the stories of being hurt, victimized, or even greatness. The kicker about living in the past is that we just spent the precious moments of the present – poof, gone!

Focus on tomorrow, that is a tricky one! If we put all of our focus on tomorrow, the same phenomenon as living in the past occurs – current time spent with no refund.

Perhaps the answer lies in balance. We give a nod of honor and respect to the past including life lessons and joys. We include a nod to the future with respect, wonder, and awe.

And all of this is wrapped up with the bow of the present…fingers tapping on the keyboard.

What does this statement mean to you? As always, I love hearing your thoughts.

With love,

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