The Leadership Revolution: A Call to Hearts


Welcome to my blog about leadership – specifically, leading with our hearts, with love.  There is a movement among us, and that movement is an evolution in leadership.  This evolution is so important and leaders across the globe are so passionate about the movement that it is a revolution…a leadership revolution with a call to hearts.




We know historically that a revolution is a revolt, an uprising against the standard, the status quo.  That is exactly what we are seeing in leadership.  Leaders are recognizing the power of this shift and smart leaders are getting on board, and finding great results in this movement. 


Leaders are shifting from:


  • Competition to collaboration
  • Coercion to influence
  • Secrecy to transparency
  • Information gathering to information distribution
  • Scarcity to abundance


… and this is just the beginning!


My hope is that you will join in this discussion and share your insights with all of us.  I also hope that you will find great value in our information exchange and will share these resources with those in your sphere of influence.  When we are empowered, we are powerful.


The plan is to post information, resources, food for thought and to facilitate a deep, rich discussion on three of my greatest passions – leadership, love, and life.  After all… aren’t they one and the same?


I am looking forward to your thoughts about this leadership revolution, "A Call to Hearts".Viva la revolution,Maria