Two Ways To Improve Your Leadership Style

Leaders are constantly looking for way to improve and grow. When it comes to improving our leadership style, there are two major ways that are often overlooked – the mindfulness of both meditation and prayer. Prayer, meditation, and leadership. What in the world, do these three things have in common?Everything.As leaders, we have a responsibility to lead and inspire with clarity. In our busy world, we often do not take the time to just think and get really clear about the vision and more importantly, the path, systems, and steps necessary to realize the vision.And even worse, we think we have to get there on our own.Well, the good news is that we are not on our own.Forbes Magazine also discusses how Fortune 500 leaders apply this concept in their daily routines, in this video we explore how prayer and meditation can directly improve our leadership style and ability.I would love to hear from you. How do you sit in stillness?With love,Maria