How to Cultivate Gratitude and Increase Abundance

Gratitude is the portal through which abundance flows. So how exactly, do we cultivate gratitude and increase abundance?Writing and speaking about gratitude is one of my favorite topics, as I have written blogs, articles, and chapters about the virtues of thankfulness. Near Thanksgiving, I cannot help but revisit this topic again. It warms my heart to see the 30-day challenge many people have taken this month. I see tweets and posts with gratitude expressed each day for someone or something. Woohoo!I would love to see the challenge extend another month, quarter, or even a year-long commitment to keeping a gratitude journal or gratitude board in our homes or offices. Let’s challenge ourselves to find elements of gratitude in the mundane or laborious tasks we do each and every day.In a previous Dr. Maria TV episode,, I shared three strategies to cultivate a gratitude practice. In this episode, I share with you two additional activities to attract more abundance into your life and I throw down the gauntlet to accept a SUPER challenge!I would love to hear from you. To which gratitude challenge are you willing to commit?With love,Maria