Spring Cleaning Your Leadership Priorities

As we enter into Spring, leadership priorities are not often considered part of the Spring Cleaning process.I know there is quite of bit of talk going around about balance. Unfortunately, the discussion only seems to pile on more stress and guilt because many of us are already aware that we are out of balance. The purpose of this video is not to engender guilt, but to help a miracle come into your life with awareness and practical strategies to regain order and balance.We spend a lot of time in leadership and management seminars discussing how to prioritize. Many of us have handled this lesson fairly well at work; but we forget the idea of adding balance to this equation.Like the balance of seasons, we can work at a fast pace for a while, meeting deadlines and seizing opportunities. Without looking at the bigger picture, however, we could end-up spinning our wheels on the perceived priority and everything else goes to pot. That is where order comes into play. Without order, we will continue to drop things, even with our priority list.As always, I love to hear from you. What do you let go of in your Spring cleaning?With love,Maria