Shiny Object Syndrome

I sometimes find it easy to lose focus and become distracted — the shiny object syndrome.

Working with a client yesterday, she posed the question, “How do I move past the I won’t and/or I can’t thoughts to the I will intentions?

What a great question! I love the level of awareness required to recognize that our thoughts become our intentions – whether those thoughts serve and support us or derail and limit us. Our thoughts become our intentions and those intentions really do become our reality.

Bravo, for recognizing that simple, yet profound truth!

Here is a very simple three-step quickening exercise you can do to move your thoughts and actions from “I won’t/I can’t” to “I will”:

  1. Set your intention or goal as simply and distinctly as possible.
  2. When something comes up (a shiny object), just simply ask yourself, “Does this support my intention or goal?”
  3. If the answer is yes, move forward. If the answer is no, dismiss it and get back to I will so you can realize your intention and goal.

Really, it is that simple; however, I must warn you—the results you will experience will be profound!

With love,

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