Life in Technicolor

I met with my writers group the other day and we discussed some strategies and techniques from a recent writer’s workshop. Specifically, we discussed the importance of awareness for writers -- the ability to see and feel the smallest detail and then translate it onto the pages of a book.

As we discussed this hugely important skill, we talked about the importance of awareness in every aspect of our life.

To move into awareness, we must first be aware of the veil, illusion, or dream as many writers have described the state before awareness. I liken this to stumbling around in a dark room, bumping into stuff and getting hurt. Once I find the light switch, everything is revealed – a table is what bruised my shin, the arm of a chair in my hip. Now I see stuff!

The funny thing about flipping on the light switch is that you cannot live in darkness again.

I’ve had the great life experience of living with and around artists most of my life– visual, performing, literary, and several other types of art forms. Something I consistently notice about artists is their uncanny ability to be present in the moment with a heightened sense of awareness, always leading to awe.

What would happen to us and for us if we lived in awe? Life in Technicolor!

With love,

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