Leadership Imprint

I recently went to the police station to be fingerprinted as a requirement for a volunteer project I am working on. On the way home, I saw a man driving a small electric car. When I saw the car, I assumed one of his objectives for buying the car was to leave less of a carbon imprint. This got me thinking about imprints...

What if we were to consciously craft and design the imprint, the “finger print” we desire on the world? How would this change our leadership?

Our print, imprints, or impressions are the lasting effects of our attitudes and behaviors. We leave these impressions whether we are aware of this fact or notthe prints are still there.

Are we leaving those we “touch” with feelings of encouragement, empowerment, or love? Or, are we impressing people with negativity, helplessness, or fear?

At what point in time do we consciously design our leadership impression? Is it when we have 200 people to lead? Is it when we are preparing for retirement? Or, is it now, with our own life, leading ourself? I love the old proverb, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Begin now to leave the impression you desire with consciousness, purpose, and love.

With a love-filled imprint,