Intuitive Leadership

Intuition is a power tool that successful leaders use. I found through work with my clients that many of these leaders have to re-learn how to use intuition. In most of our corporate and work experiences, we learn how to not listen to our intuition. I remember years ago in my early corporate career, the president of the company asked a question and I eagerly responded, “I feel that…”. He quickly cut me off and said, “Maria, I don’t care how you feel, tell me what you know”.

I am sure you too, have had similar experiences. These types of experiences shape the way we work. Many times over the years, I spent massive amounts of time creating spreadsheets to provide empirical evidence for what I intuitively knew.

I am not advocating throwing logic out the window. I am advocating that we use all of the tools in our possession to make the best possible decisions. We move into a danger zone if we hinder our decision-making process by not using both intuition and logic. Why would we want to stifle ourselves?

So how do we re-learn intuition and develop this amazing power tool?

Just remember the acronym, I N T U I T I O N and follow these simple steps: 

Imagery › Allow the intuitive mind to use the images and symbols of the right brain. 
Non-judgment › Suspend judgment and honor the flashes of knowing from the intuitive mind. 
Thankfulness › Practice gratitude and thankfulness. Gratitude is the portal through which abundance flows. 
Uncomplicated › The intuitive mind is uncomplicated and brief. The logical mind is long-winded! 
Impressions › First impressions are usually correct – honor those intuitive insights. 
Time › Take time to relax and quiet the mind. Intuition flows more readily in a space free of tension and stress. 
Instant › Intuitive insight can come to you in an instant. Recognize this phenomenon and do not dismiss it. 
Open › Be open to new insights through free association. Allow your intuitive mind to take you on this journey. 
Namaste › Honor the soul knowledge of others.

What are your experiences using intuition? Again, thank you for sharing your insight!

To your intuitive success,