How Could You?

I remember beginning work on my dissertation in post-graduate school and interviewing faculty as potential committee members for my study. I outlined to them the model of leadership that I wanted to introduce into the great body of knowledge.

After speaking with several professors, one of the deans spoke with me about my leadership model and told me that people wouldn’t understand it, because the word would turn them off. I was shocked!

I was disappointed, and most profoundly, I was disillusioned. How could this word not be discussed in an advanced study of leadership? How could we talk and theorize about motivating and inspiring others without talking about this word?

What did leadership really mean? What did followership really mean, without this word? How could people not be drawn to this word, and even more shocking, how could this word be so powerful as to turn people off? What is this powerful, scary, misunderstood word?


Love! Shocking, isn’t it?

Who’s in?

I am!

With LOVE,

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